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Tardsplaya 2.0.01


It is a heavily modified version of Tardsplaya that now works for showing streams via MPC-HC, etc. by using its GQL API for getting the resolutions offered by a member's stream. It also has unnecessary UI elements removed, ability to play multiple streams via tabs added, optional logging added, and some ease-of-use features added to it. This version fixes the menu entries that are in the Context Menu of its window.

License: MIT
Source Code:
Download URL: Download URL:
Size: 1552 KB

Instructions on how to use it:

1. Click Tools, Settings.
2. Change the Player Path to the location where the media player that supports stdin (such as MPC-HC, MPC-BE, VLC) is installed to.
3. Enter the Channel that you want to view, and press Enter (or click Load).
4. Double click the Quality (or click it and then click Watch) that you want to view it in.
5. If you want to view more than one stream at a time, you can do so by pressing Ctrl+N or clicking File, New Stream and repeating #3 and #4 in the new tab that was made.


Tardsplaya 2.0.01

Congrats on the release!

It is a heart-oriented job to develop for the community so we thank you for following your inner compass

I didn't develop it. Another guy did.

I didn't develop it. Another guy did.
-Zero3K (June 05, 2022, 01:28 PM)
--- End quote ---

Likewise, congrats on the community-sharing



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