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CSVrenamer - A mass renamer with: C = constant, S = separator, V = variable



A mass renamer with three parameters: C = constant, S = separator, V = variable.

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Made for magician62 from

Original thread: IDEA: Drag and Drop Rename

Source code: CSVrenamer @ GitHub

Targets Microsoft .NET framework v4.5 (Native to Windows 8+)



* Drag & drop files and directories to add.
* Reorder item position by drag.
* Remove items via right-click menu.
* Hyphen and underscore separator buttons.
* Spaced separator check box to add or remove spaces.
* Subtract from variable by check box.
* Remember edits option.
* Reset settings by file menu.
* Always on top.Day #148, Week #21 @ May 28, 2022


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hi Vic

* how does the minus 98 (in the screenshot) work?
* is there an option to keep the current name, as well as adding constant+variable? (ideally at the end I guess, for sorting reasons) NOTE: dont program this for me -- I just thought it would make it an option for more scenarios.
EDIT// the DC download link is incorrect

Hi Tom  :)

The "98 with subtract" combination for variable makes it go backwards: 98, 97, 96... 50.49.48... 3.2.1; if it happens to reach 1, then the files remain unprocessed. As opposed to regular raising where it has an inherent high limit which isn't likely to be reached.

Keeping the current name wasn't part of magician's original request hence it isn't included... nevertheless, even if you mentioned not to code it, rest assured it's a very small change so should you happen to need such functionality later on, by all means feel free to say so

EDIT// the DC download link is incorrect
-tomos (May 30, 2022, 06:56 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks for noticing & advising. the download link has been fixed to correctly point to:



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