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Maximise Win11 windows and best browser for heavy browsing



Couple of questions for anyone who has been through the same  ;D :

1) Is there a way to maximise all windows upon restart or ad-hoc in Win 11? I know the Win+Shift+M etc also the touchpad Gesture but they only restore to the semi-maximise state and they don't fully maximise!
(no third-party apps please, only native solutions including Powershell, CSCRIPT etc)

2) Which browser would be the best for:

* huge amount of concurrent tabs/windows (with AMD if that makes a difference)
* ability to search in tabs (titles, urls, content)
* vertical tabs with filter per title/url
* tab grouping per domain
* easy attach files without having to navigate in File Explorer
* full integration with Gmail for stores passwords, bookmark/tab sync etc
* fully customised hotkeys with particular ability to customise LCTRL/RCTRL separately
* ideally advanced touchpad gestures
* ideally Youtube floater


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