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I have used Forum Coder off and on since 2020 when I need help, and my Windows 7 build died in a heap of steam and smoke.  I got a Windows 10 build to replace it, and ScreenCapture to ask for help.  I am extremely stupid and learning disabled made only worse by a local hospital refusing to give me oxygen when I had pneumonia a couple years ago, the result was I got stupider.

When I first installed the program I could use the quick-capture bar to take screenshots of problems and ask for help, show what the difficulty was.  Now when I take screnshots they are only 320 x 320 in size rather than fullscreen.  I used to be able to take full screen shots, and take limited size screenshots by moving the broken-line border until it covered the part of screen I wanted captured, and capturing that.  Now none of those options are available just a 320 x 320 random portion of screen that randomly captures any area of the screen without guidance or user control at all.   

When I woke up today it was like I was stupider than any day ever.  I tried to read the help and it made no sense at all, English was like a foreign language to me.  I went to the hospital to see if they could help with the brain fog, and they were no help at all. 

What happened to merely taking a fullscreen shot in Windows?  Was that disabled if we don't pay to use the app now?

If you're talking about Screenshot Captor, let me start by saying that the program will never stop working or work in a reduced way based on whether you have a license or donate.  So something else is going wrong.

Well, your description of the problem is good. Tell us, how exactly do you take the screenshot?


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