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IDEA: simple quick'n'dirty alarm

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Done! I post it here, if anyone wants to use/improve it. Thanks to Skrommel for his "tutorial" on how to script in AutoHotKey, which is the code itself of his nice and polished scripts :)

EDIT: Still doesn't work... help wanted

uhm... it seemed to work with simple tests, but today I've realized it was an illusion: it just triggers after the same amount of time, regardless of the alarm variable. If someone figures out how to fix it I'll be very glad, I'm still not very confident with the AutoHotKey language.

That's because you have a small typo, insert_nick.
In the following line,

--- ---If (now>=start)
you most probably meant:

--- ---If (now>=alarm)

Thanks! It was that!  :-[
Attached the fixed version.

here's some alarm clock scripts from AHK forums that i've used in various ways...



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