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Arduino anyone?

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If you look at the first picture you'll see the wall mounted big box where the brains of the thing live.. Then there are 3 modules that connect to that via custom usbc cables: A small scale built into the base of espresso machine, a larger black scale in front of the grinder with the cup on it, and the control panel module with keys and screen.

You've added quite some features :o :Thmbsup:

The keyboard keys look a bit 'clunky', but are probably very useful just because of that, a touch screen display isn't that practical in the kitchen, during preparing & cooking ;D

Yeah I am not a fan of touchscreens.. however.. logically speaking this whole project might have been a LOT simpler if I had just used a touchscreen ui interface and something like a phone app or Raspberry pi, rather than arduino..
But I had more fun this way :)

And here you have a video of the final product in action:

New video:


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