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Arduino anyone?

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I’ve been into SBCs for awhile now. But I only just recently got into some Arduino programming and projects. And I’m pretty amazed at how easy these tiny and very inexpensive boards are to configure and use for various automation and similar projects compared to something like a Raspberry Pi - although a Pi pairs very well with an Arduino for more complex applications.

Anybody here an Arduino maven?

Well this is interesting timing.. I've been working for the last couple of weeks on a new Arduino project, a deluxe espresso scale.
I'm having a blast.  I'll put up a youtube video soon.. Here's a quick photo:
Arduino anyone?

First version was on Arduino Uni; here's a slightly newer version running on Mega:
Arduino anyone?

I have to agree with you, the ease of just writing a little code and uploading it and communicating back and forth make it a really enjoyable platform; the ease of sending info back to display on the pc console window is another thing that makes it relatively painless to tinker with.

The highlight of my recent project has been getting a nice little options menu system working with a 20x4 lcd screen and a rotary knob, based on a library called LCDMenuLib2.

The ease of use of 3rd party libraries has also been a bright spot in working with the Arduino family.

So far I've only messed with the Arduino UNO and Mega.  The UNO seems quite limited in ram for program code and global variables, but nearly everything just compiles and works fine on the big brother Mega, so it's easy to upgrade when you need to.

It's such a crazy feeling to be sitting tinkering with a $25 device on a little cutting board and realize you are playing with something that the equivalent of which 60 years ago probably would have cost half a million dollars and been the size of a hotel lobby, and taken a team of people a year to assemble and debug.

I've been actively involved in Arduino based programming since about 2 years now (and a user of the project I'll mention below for about 4 years), but I skipped the Arduino hardware and went straight to the IMHO more capable Espressif ESP hardware based boards, using ESP8266 and ESP32 controller, as these come with WiFi built in (and ESP32 even with bluetooth, but I don't use that). These boards can be bought from Aliexpress starting at only a few $$, where the Arduino hardware is usually less powerful and more expensive.

I've been involved with ESPEasy (github link and support forum), that is intended to make it easy to use sensors in an IoT/domotica setting.
Lots of functionally already available 'out of the box', with a web UI served from the controller (no cloud involved, other than github for development and the support-forum, obviously). You can find my involvement by looking for my avatar :D
NB: Though I do some occasional hardware tinkering, I'm mostly in this 'game' for the software-side (C++) of it.


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