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Bought a color laser printer -- it's a game changer

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I knew someone who had a fancy color laser printer and it had separate toner cartridges for each of the four colors (CMYK). I believe each toner cartridge cost him something like $160, which seems like a lot when all the inkjet printers I was familiar with at the time needed only 2 ink cartridges (one for black, and one for all of CMY) which were in the $15-$35 range. But as has been stated, laser toner doesn't dry out so it will last much longer than ink, especially if you don't use it much. And also, all of that was probably 10-15 years ago, so the technology and prices may have changed quite a bit since then. :)

Yeah the dried ink was what was really killing me with the rarely used inkjet.  Every time you use an inkjet that hasn't been used in a while, the printer actually dumps out a bunch of ink into a "waste pad" in the machine to help clean out the nozzles.

Remarkably, the color laser printer still has 4 different toner cartridges in it -- it's remarkable how almost the entire cavity of this small machine is mostly toner:

I quit the printing to paper world.
I usually print to pdf and then copy to any of my devices or send by email.

But .... for 12 euros it seemed to me a good printer for those that don't use even a mobile to transfer data.
 :-* :P
I waste a lot of money printing many manuals to paper until the moment I decided to read in digital format.
I have a lot of books copied in the shop so I don't need more. And is for docent purposes.

But another article I am waiting is this :

When I need to scan now i will use this method instead of photos of the documentation. When I need to scan many pages I go to the shop.....

Two interesting articles if go well. I haven't received yet :

I bought another label printer cheaper. I suppose i will never receive.....

And from Amazon or AliExpress I renounce to hard disks of 16 TB for 35 euros some time ago

 :-* :P

Note : I wish the label printer to print the inventory of books and articles I have made to have control of my stuff.
Trying to control any little article I have positioning in numbered boxs or described boxs.

This link don't speak very well about my selection :   and after enter in "valoraciones".
I am afraid I will never receive this article....

I have received recently but I haven't use. I suppose will be useful when no mobile, it's raining and difficult times.

 :-[ :tellme:


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