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Bought a color laser printer -- it's a game changer

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I have always done a lot of printing on my (black+white) laser printer.  I love the speed of printing, long lasting ink, easy and fast duplexing, and the quality.  I frequently print papers to read, documentation, board game rules, etc.

And I have always had a color inkjet printer, upgraded through the years, but never a pleasure to use.  Too slow, ink is too EXPENSIVE, and dries out from infrequent use, slow startup times, waste of space.

I would only use the color inkjet on the rare occasions when I needed color -- most of the time if it was a document with just a little color or where I didn't care, I'd print on the laser in black and white.


But I finally bit the bullet and bought a color laser (HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw for about $350).

It feels like a bresh of fresh air.  It has almost all the advantages of the black and white laser, but I now can print out documents with some color in them, and just have to deal with 1 printer.

Now if you need to print photos, then the color laser is not going to satisfy you; inkjets produce far better nice glossy color photos.

But for everything else it's been a joy and a relief to not have to mess with the inkjet.

I'll also say, I do think the black pure text printing from the color laser is *slightly* worse quality than my previous black+white laser, but especially with my eyes not being what they were, it's barely noticable and an easy trade off for me for the benefits of color printing.  I'm so glad to be done with inkjets.

Sounds like a good post for GADGET WEEKENDS.

I'm glad you like your new printer. I hope the toner costs don't bankrupt you. :D

Congrats. I don't know if colour toner is less expensive than ink (probably depends on the brand). But at least it doesn't dry out like the printer currently on my desk...

I am pretty sure that the laser toner is cheaper -- but the clincher is that inkjet ink dries up in a major way, and inkjets have to dump quantities of ink into a waste reservoir after periods of disuse, which really exacerbates things.  Laser toner is in powder form so doesn't seem to have that problem.

I also have a laser printer (B&W) and an injet colour printer.

My wife and I use the laser for all of our needs nowadays.

The injet has not printed properly for a few years now - I only use it to scan documents.

I probably should bite the bullet and rationalize too.  Thanks for the prompt.


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