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Grapics Card error pop-up on capturing

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I have been a happy user of Screenshot Captor for many years, but have been getting an error message when using it for the last few weeks.  It seems to to be working correctly, i.e. screenshots are being captured correctly, but each time I use it I get a pop-up error message which says

 "Screenshot Captor Error - you need to configure an external graphics card in options" 

Unfortunately the pop-up disappears too quickly to be able to capture it!

So, is not causing any problems as such but is a slight irritation.  There have been no changes to my hardware  (HP laptop running windows 10), could a windows update have caused the issue?

That is a bizzare error!!!!!

It does not come from within Screenshot Captor -- no where in the code does it say that.
I wonder what is going on... Can you reinstall the latest version of Screenshot Captor -- maybe try the portable version...
I can't think of what would trigger such a message.

When exactly does the error come up? When you start the program or when you make a capture?

It happens whenever I do a capture - have recorded a quick loom video to show -

Sorry, previous link was looping without showing the error.  Try this one -

I know what's happening now.. It's not complaining about an external graphics card, but an external graphics EDITOR program.
You must have an option set telling SC to launch a graphic editor on each screenshot immediately after capturing.

Here's the option to disable:


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