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All screens turn white when attempting to capture selection, except main screen


I should preface this by saying that this problem seems to occur with all screenshot capturing software. As an example, Faststone & the Windows Snipping Tool. Perhaps someone here can provide some insight into what this might be.

When attempting to capture a rectangular selection, my main screen will remain normal and I can capture anything on it, but all the other screens turn white. I have 6 monitors. 4 are attached to the video card, including the main screen. 2 are attached to an integrated GPU with the CPU.

If you want me to try anything, or show anything, just let me know. I'd be willing to pay for a solution, although at my income level I'm not sure if what I can pay is worth anyone's time. I'll start at $50 and work my way up depending on how desperate I am. My income qualifies me for poverty, but, this is a very important bottleneck for me.

I intentionally asked here because I like the overall approach of this development group and I figure A) I'm more likely to get a genuine answer here, even if it isn't the ultimate solution. B) See beginning of paragraph :) I am, however, newly arrived. I discovered Screenshot Captor when I initially ran into this problem and was looking for new screenshot capturing software to get over it.


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