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SpotEDIT - Spotify Playlist Editor

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Space reserved for SpotEDIT release.

SpotEDIT - Custom Spotify playlist editor

Code repository:

Original thread: BETTER Spotify Playlist Editor.


I'm looking for an editor that can:
Edit the "Liked Songs" playlist
Sort by Genre
Allows multiple select to move a lot of songs at once to a new playlist
-y0himba (March 31, 2022, 07:55 AM)
--- End quote ---

First version pledged for this month (April).


So I came by to see if I had missed anything, looked at the contact icons under my avatar, and thought DC has been around and I have been here long enough that I have ICQ, MSN,'s like a history of the Internet...

I know, random, sorry.

Hello & good day! Update :)

1) Added your account to registered API endpoint application (there should be something "popping" on your end to authorize it).

2) Work happened, so... It'll take into the start of next month to complete SporEDIT.

Hey! Let's remain positive :up: There's a clear vision & road-map to fulfill!



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