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nkNameFlip - Change file name, run script, then change it back (v0.1.0)



Change File Name. Run Script. Then change it back to what it was.

⬇️ Download @ DCmembers (Mouser's site, recommended)
⬇️ Download @ GitHub

Made for nkormanik from

Original thread: Change File Name. Then change it back to what it was.

Source code: nkNameFlip @ GitHub

Targets Microsoft .NET framework v4.5 (Native to Windows 8+)



* Load from root directory's subfolders.
* Configurable script/program and intermediate file.
* Backup files option.
* Check list box on click.
* Persistent settings data.
* Auto-load files on start.
* Update total on check.
* Always on top.
Day #90, Week #13 @ March 31, 2022


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