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I have a new problem“memory is out”

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    I download the newest  edition for Screenshot Captor.

    And when I  press  "Grab entire Workspace” botton,

the system  prompt a chinese notice like this  :

"the memory is out ” "This command cannot be processed"  “Insufficient memory resources”


Other functions can work well.

My computer use eight display monitor(all is 4K 3840X2160)



I have  32G  memory,and Resource Manager display the Screenshot Captor  use  just about 900K.

My computer use eight display monitor(all is 4K 3840X2160)

-microseee (March 30, 2022, 02:50 AM)
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That will most likely result in a screenshot larger than 2GB, but SSC can only allocate up to 2GB of memory, as it is a 32 bit application. That's not easy to change.

You can screenshot each monitor separate and stitch the images together.

In fact,sometimes the program can work ,sometimes can`t.

The first grab can work ,the second can`t.

Maybe it has to do internally with the amount of memory allocated for a possible screenshot to inhabit?  I dunno - just guessing here, seeing how it's likely coded in C++ and the designer must allocate a certain amount of memory before the program can place data into it.  Maybe you've found, via your ultra resolution, the limit.  I bet the program wasn't written to know how to handle that kind of data immensity.


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