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Y2K problem in SC (not April Fool's)


haha!  I bet nobody ever knew this!  And this is not an April Fool's thing.  Seriously.  It isn't.
Screenshot Captor has the Y2K problem!  It cannot number screenshots past 999!

Really!  So, I set my SC to name screenshots like this:   Screenshot_1.png   Screenshot_2.png
but once it gets to Screenshot_999.png, it can't create Screenshot_1000.png and just keeps overwriting Screenshot_999.png.

Here is the setting at  Settings > File Naming> New Screenshot File Template > Default New File Name
%quickfield% Screenshot%_num%

And, I have checked the box in the same settings section for "Auto sequence new file names to avoid overwriting old files"
Auto-incrementing Number is set to "1"

For myself, I've modified the naming scheme to: %quickfield% Screenshot2022%_num% to get it to start the numbering over at 1.

I can fix this.

I never doubted you, in fact!


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