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Feature request: also import clip metadata from CSV clip exports


Clips can be exported to CSV, together with all metadata of interest, which works perfectly, thanks.

On importing them back to CHS though, unfortunately, none of that metadata is restored. New clips, timestamped with the current date are created, unfortunately.

It would be very useful to have the option to restore at least the most important metadata fields on importing clips from CSV: "Title" (can be created on the fly based on current options), "Created" (date created) , "Modified" (date modified), "Application" (source), "Keywords", "Clipformat", at the least.

Implementing this would actually enable us to transfer/copy clips between separate databases (without overwriting the entire database, which happens on importing backups), resulting in the exact same clips showing up in the target database without modification. Dates/titles reset to current on importing from CSV is a major issue preventing this currently.

Thanks for your consideration.

BTW, CHS has long been a great piece of software, thanks a lot for this!


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