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Any game gifts or freebies for a Ukrainian?


I'm sorry if this post isn't right for the forum. I know it looks like a soliciting (and probably is) but it's worth a try for me.

Right now I'm in a very hard situation with the war going on in the country. It brings enormous pressure to me -- the uncertainty of the future, the inability to escape Ukraine right now and so on. I try to cheer myself as much as I can but it's hard, given that I have some emotional problems. I feel that some personal attention would be good for the mood. Even though I know that happiness shouldn't depend on having things, it would help me right now.

So I am asking for any person who has financial capability and GOG account to help me cheer myself. If such a person has a desire, he or she can buy games on GOG and send me as a gift on my family's shared account shinkarom at gmail dot com. I would be very grateful. Preferably peaceful games. Receiving a gift is a pleasant feeling that shows that someone cares about you.

Thank you in advance.


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