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remv: Rename files (and directories) with regular expressions

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I added a clarification above.  :D

was completely at odds with every other rename program I've used  ;D
-4wd (January 14, 2019, 06:09 PM)
--- End quote ---

I had not tested most of them, I guess. Sorry for breaking your habits?

Moved the repo over to my server:

PSA: As remv can - under some circumstances (e.g. parallel editing) - destroy data, I'll relicense it today with a No Warranty clause. I'm not yet sure which license to choose, but I have a preference for the MIT-0 as of now.

remv 2.0.0 comes with a new (internal) API - parameters are now passed in a struct - and the new "f" flag to only replace the first match in a name. :)


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