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Ghostwriter ... FocusWriter ... OmniaWrite
-n8wachT (March 09, 2022, 01:35 AM)
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Hi n8wachT,
Can you say more about why you would suggest these as alternatives?
I see very little parity in workflows or features.

I like FocusWriter, but, apart from minimalism, it has very little in common with IW. No autosave, isn't a markdown editor, formatting only comes through in odt/docx/rtf..

I didn't know Ghostwriter, but it looks like a traditional markdown editor with a few writer statistics. And the install options (Windows portable only, Mac has to be built from source) just scream high friction and Linux based.

I only had a quick look at OmniaWrite. Initial warning that latest update solved some security issues was hardly inviting. Rigidly based on books, Chapters, Scenes. Seemed very limited from what I saw.

IW is polished and functional for both long and short-form writing. Ulysses might deserve the design credits, but IW is still polished. (I look at some of the recent 'imporvements' in Ulysses and can't help wondering whether they're reducing its polish.)

I've noticed that Ia Writer has a new outline function (Windows only - hasn't arrived for Mac yet). Big step for Ia but it's still navigation only - no manipulation - so doesn't really make it much more suitable for long-form.

I noticed that Inspire Writer introduced external folders one year earlier than Ulysses.


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