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Inspire Writer

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I continue to be impressed by Inspire Writer in use. I Posted in the Primitive thread about being surprised by finding it useful in note-taking. It's just very usable. Easy to concentrate on what I'm doing rather than the program - despite still having to check shortcuts.

Observations so far

I'd like folding, but understand that IW's design means multiple tiny blocks which can be shuffled. The groups and sheets are the equivalent of markdown headings and text. For me it's the equivalent of the Scrivener approach of starting with little bits, but that's the way it is. It does have an outline, and it does allow it to be used for navigation, though not reorganisation. It recognises any line starting with a # as a heading.

It's not bad at taking clips from the web. Images have to be pasted separately, but it's fairly seamless. Potentially makes IW quite a good inbox.

Generally fast, but importing a long markdown document took much more time than i anticipated.

Tables are straightforward (they don't exist in Ulysses at all).

The file splitting and merging functions are simple, effective and very useful.

Colour emojis appear in black and white when used. That's odd; makes it pointless to use them.

There's some fairly hinky behaviour with markdown and Obsidian syntax. Though I can see that some of it is actually useful:

* It recognises any line starting with # as a heading.
* Typing [[ automatically generates a URL link. Mmm. That seems to have stopped happening. That's good. But now it happens the minute the first closing bracket is typed. [[ ]] - but pasting it works.
* Inconvenient behaviour like the above can be escaped by making it 'raw source' - that's putting a tilde (~) before the text. The tilde won't appear on the export, but the following text will.
* Comments can be created with ++comment++ and comment blocks with %%. They don't show on export. This is useful.
* It doesn't recognise #tags, but has its own internal tag system (same way Ulysses works). This means the tags exist in the database but not  any export. There are some advantages to that. @tags aren't recognised either but don't interfere with any other behaviour.
* It doesn't have highlight as such. It has 'marked', using double colons before and after. Neither the highlight nor the colons are exported to markdown or plaintext, but are on export to rich text and docx. However, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C followed by paste into any editor, does export the double colons, which can then be found and replaced. Again there are some advantages and disadvantages to this system.
* Neither does it recognise strikethrough. Instead it has double pipes before and after. On markdown export, it applies the usual syntax; on rich text and docx export it strikes through the text; on plain text export the word disappears entirely.

Typing [[ automatically generates a URL link.
doesn't recognise #tags, but has its own internal tag system
doesn't have highlight as such
Neither does it recognise strikethrough
-Dormouse (March 01, 2022, 04:45 AM)
--- End quote ---

If wanting syntax that works in markdown exported notes, the following works in Obsidian:
==highlight== ; naturally ::==highlight in Obsidian and IW==:: highlights in both
@tags and #tags ; ~#tag works for beginning of line

I'm not sure what happens with a code export
''code block
Indents the contents and colours them in Obsidian and Typora
Nothing shows in source mode, and neither Obsidian nor Typora recognise the IW syntax if typed in directly
I don't need to know why. It may be useful. Possibly as an exportable comment.

importing a long markdown document took much more time than i anticipated.
-Dormouse (March 01, 2022, 04:45 AM)
--- End quote ---
otoh, IW will only import one file at a time, so large files are still more useful than small ones.


Inspire Writer



Inspire Writer


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