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Does this "blog/shared notes" exist?

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in the end, went with the multiple o/s app "Diarium". Reason was sync was thru Dropbox (she has access to relevant folder), multiformat export capability and a backup function.
-tsaint (February 12, 2022, 11:19 PM)
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I use Diarium, though usually for a very small simple set of things at any one time. Reliable and the developer is very helpful. I didnt think of it in relation to your search.  :-[
There's an easy option to export any selection of notes into a PDF, which could be quite helpful for your purposes.

Obsidian would be another option, using one of the free Publish alternatives. I think I've seen some that could be locally hosted. Obsidian is complex if you let it be so, but you can keep it very simple if you want.

... I purchased a new 5 TB hd and transferred a lot of scattered across many HDs "toddler" videos to it.-tsaint (February 12, 2022, 11:28 PM)
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By transferred do you mean copy or move?

If it's copy you still have the original, just requires duplication of previous effort, (this time to dual externals).

If it's move, run recovery software, (Recuva, PhotoRec, etc), on the original HDDs, (hopefully you haven't written too much to them in the meantime), recovering to a new external and back it up.

Thanks 4wd. Sad to say, I meant "moved".
And the hd reports as "unrecognized usb device" on 2 windows laptops. Disk manager, Easus partition manager, explorer2...nothing can see the hd. I'm sure i can hear the drive spinning, but no chatter from the heads, no other sound at all.
Disappointing, as it was very new, hadn't been dropped or otherwise mistreated. Because of foolish belief that new=should be ok is why I moved, not copied

I meant you can recover the files from the original drives even though they've been moved off it.
Unless you've done a lot of writing to them or securely moved, (wiped the space they occupied), then they should still be recoverable.

Also, what manufacturer/model of external are we talking about?
Sometimes it's just the USB interface board that dies, the HDD is still working and just requires removing from the case and rehousing.
Unfortunately not possible with WD 2.5" portables as they integrate the USB adaptor directly to the drive, (don't buy them unless you don't mind limiting your recovery options).
Some others makes/models may be the same.

For backups, a 3.5" external would be preferable, it gives you the above option should the interface fail.

Fwiw, generally the time an electronic device, (and mechanical to some degree), will fail is within a couple of months of it being put into service or nearing the end of its life.

If you're near Melbourne eastern suburbs let me know if want any help with either recovery off the original drives or rehousing the new drive, (if possible).

PS. I generally only check emails or the forum every 2 - 4 days.

Thanks very much 4WD. I'm in Adelaide tho.
The drive in question never had any deletions, only read/writes. So the storage ought be in close to pristine condition.
It's a 2.5 portable wd, acting like it's dead (maybe as you suggest, dead usb interface board).
Given I can't get any computer to even recognize it as a valid device, I can't try any data recovery s/ware.
 From what you say, only option seems very expensive specialist data recovery service (pricing at their upper end) or being brutal and giving the
bloody thing a good thump (unbelievably optimistic)
 Now, all important data IS on 3.5 drives, each backed up


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