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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - Mobysaurus Thesaurus - 1.0.55 - Jan 30, 2007

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As Mobysaurus is not updating anymore, If anyone wants to help me with WordNet DB to create AIR version of Mobysaurus,then i would love to proceed. I've Few limitations of working with DB on Adobe AIR.

Having trouble downloading Mobysaurus. Can anyoone provide an alternative link?

The link is here:

mahesh i never saw your original post -- we've been talking about making a new version and it might be nice to chat about it some time.

This is an awesome app... Is its development pretty much dead now?

Wordzilla, the author of it, still hangs around in the shadows of the forum these days, but I think he's stopped development of it.. Would be nice to see someone create a new version with some of the same ideas.


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