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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - Mobysaurus Thesaurus - 1.0.55 - Jan 30, 2007

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Is it possible to remember the last search engine for online look-ups? I guess everyone has their favorites and it may or may not be Wikipedia.
-cemole (September 16, 2006, 08:18 PM)
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Yes, maybe I'll try to implement this feature in the next version, together with the ability to allow users to add their own favorite search entries.

Also I think it could be an option to whether to use the embedded browser within Moby T (which is good as a default) or use some other web browser.
-cemole (September 16, 2006, 08:18 PM)
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Not yet sure how to do it in the best way that it won't confuse the user, since we already have the "Find Online" tab. It should be a desired tweak coz IE sometimes renders pages too slow.

And a personal request of mine maybe: Minimize to Tray on Close.
-cemole (September 16, 2006, 08:18 PM)
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I think I'll add this option in the next version, but leave it unchecked by default. :)

- Anderson

There are many suggestions in Moby T for words one looks up. Sometimes it gets difficult to differentiate between words when they're all together, separated by a comma.-cemole (September 17, 2006, 02:01 AM)
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Yeah, same feeling here. With a database so huge (however by no means comprehensive enough, hehe), it's oftentimes dazzling to see so many words generate from a single query.  :-[

I was wondering whether having a bold comma or listing words one under the other maybe in columns would be a easier on the eye to go through the list.
-cemole (September 17, 2006, 02:01 AM)
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Not sure whether the bold comma method would help but displaying words in a scrollable long list could be a nice option.

I'm very interested in avoiding killing ppl's eyes with overwhelming amounts of synonyms ;)
So if you are a moby user and not happy with how moby displays synonyms or have some nice ideas, just post it and let us know. Thank you!  :up:

I would toss in a vote for a columnar list, maybe 2-3 across or something to conserve space or see more at once. (That might be tricky to set up for different font sizes or faces, though.) I think it's the ragged nature of the synonym rows that makes it a little tough to read -- it's just kinda dense.

Is there any way to "tell" the program where WordWeb is? It's saying it can't find it installed here, but it's in a very straightforward "c:\program files\wordweb" dir.  :mrgreen:

BTW, thanks for the mention up top!

Is there any way to "tell" the program where WordWeb is? It's saying it can't find it installed here, but it's in a very straightforward "c:\program files\wordweb" dir.  :mrgreen:
-Cavalcader (September 18, 2006, 03:05 AM)
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Hmm... can you give me more details wrt your OS and WordWeb version?  :)


p.s. The program detects the existence of "wweb32.dll" in "windir" (windows environment variable, usually "c:\windows", "c:\winnt") to determine whether WordWeb is installed. However older versions of WordWeb (like v2.2) installs the dll into the "system32" folder so Moby won't be able to detect its installation.

Tested to work with WordWeb 4.0 and above (current version is 4.5)

- Anderson

No, it's current -- WW 4.5a, but it's been upgraded over the years, so (good catch!) it is in system32 (XP Pro SP2). Betcha other folks will get snagged on that one too. I went ahead and moved mine -- thanks for the tip!

BTW, it's really cool that you pass WW the current/active word -- please do consider assigning a hotkey to the WW menu item. :)  It's very classy too that it offers to take you to download the latest version if it doesn't find it installed.

Oh, here's a thought: please think about a way to see if WW is already running (right now it just opens a new instance). Not a huge problem, but I tried it just to see. 8)  Here're some details:

Info & sample codeProgrammers: Using WordWeb from your programs

You can either use the command line, send a message to the system tray icon (which will show WordWeb as though the use had clicked on it on the system tray), or you can call the WordWeb DLL that is installed to the Windows or Windows System folder.

If your software is widely distributed and you add support for WordWeb, please e-mail [email protected]. to be added to a mailing list so you can be informed of new versions and test compatibility before public release.

Command Line (requires WordWeb version 2.2 or higher)

You can use the Windows RUNDLL32 program to invoke WordWeb thus:

  Rundll32  WWEB32.DLL,ShowRunDLL word_to_lookup

Running the above from the command shell would show WordWeb with the word “word_to_lookup” selected. This can be empty, and also a multi-part phrase.

Show from the system tray (requires WordWeb version 2.2 or higher)
[note: must already be running in the notification area  - cc]

Send the wm_WordWebShowAtom message to the tray window, which is called “WordWeb Tray Icon”. WParam should be a global atom containing the word to look up. LParam should be the handle to the main window of the calling program if you want to enable word replacement, otherwise zero. WordWeb will delete the atom, do not delete it from your code.

If the Copy/Replace button is clicked, and LParam<>0, the LParam window is sent the wm_WordWebShowAtom message (with LParam being the atom containing the replacement word). WordWeb will delete the atom, do not delete it from your code.

Both WParam and LParam can be zero. Here is some sample code:

H:=FindWindow(‘WordWeb Tray Icon’,’WordWeb Tray Icon’);
If H<>0 then

 SetForegroundWindow(H); // So WordWeb can activate
 wm_WordWebShowAtom :=RegisterWindowMessage('WordWebShowAtom');

end else {... WordWeb not found}

You then also need to write a message handler for the Self.Handle window to process the wm_WordWebShowAtom message and replace the lookup word with ReplaceWord obtained from GlobalGetAtomName(WParam, ReplaceWord, 255). This should return quickly as the message is sent, not posted.

Using the DLL

Here’s what the Borland Pascal/Delphi declarations for the DLL function call look like in case you choose this method to show WordWeb (always produces a new window, even if one is already showing). This is also available in WordWeb version 1.6x.

function ShowModalWordWeb(InP,OutP:PChar; CloseOnCopy:Boolean; AParent:Integer): Boolean; stdcall;

Shows WordWeb modally - i.e. it shows the window but waits for the window to close before returning. InP functions the same as P in ShowWordWeb. OutP points to a buffer to contain any selected word (the buffer should be 255 bytes long). CloseOnCopy determines whether the function returns with the selected word when the user presses the copy button. If this is true, pressing Copy closes the window, OutP contains the selected word and the function returns true. If WordWeb is closed by pressing Close the function returns false.


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