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Mobysaurus Thesaurus v1.0 Released

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Thank you both mouser and Mobysaurus for the quick response. I appreciate your efforts in implementing suggestions. I have downloaded and installed the updated version. So far so good.

I have a suggestion for updating. Program could check at the beginning of a session (when the program first starts-up) to see if the user is online and if so, make a check to see whether there is an update or not. Then the user could be notified of this update and maybe linked to the updater site. This could be a option: check for an update (it would follow the same routine as initial start-up), do an automatic update at the beginning of each session or disable updating.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

-cemole (September 10, 2006, 12:59 AM)
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The current (v1.0.20) update checker works in this way:

1. If you are using Moby for the first time, it asks you whether or not to enable the Auto-check for Updates feature (defaulted "No" in v1.0.20 since I thoguht it'd be a better practice than "Yes").

2. The user can enable/disble the Auto-check features anytime by going to "Tools -> Options"

3. If this feature is enabled, the program connects to internet and download from a 6-byte text file (here, comparing with the local installation to determine if a newer version is available.

This happens when no user search-related action on the program is detected in 120 seconds (auto idle-state detection)

4. You can also manually check for updates by clicking "Help -> Check for Updates Now"

What do you think? :)

- Anderson

I don't really understand what you mean by your association of "minimize to tray" and "saving search history across sessions". I was thinking in the lines of keeping saved searches even after exiting the program and the ability to have a quick look at them without having to do another search.-cemole (September 10, 2006, 04:01 PM)
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Hah, I can't recall what I was thinking at that moment, looks ridiculous to me now. Sorry. :(

"saving search history across sessions" is implemented in v1.0.20 and is by default enabled in "Tools -> Options"

It saves most recent 100 searches, available both in dropdown and the History tab.

Thanks again for the idea!

- Anderson

I don't think Moby T needs to be capturing every highlighted item in every program, only those used for writing (text editors, Word, Writer) and maybe the first item in clipboard.-cemole (September 10, 2006, 04:01 PM)
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Thanks, def we need such clipboard capture function, would be very handy for ppl who write a lot coz they don't want to switch windows everytime they need to find synonyms, just imagine working on a big prose/essay in MS Word or drafting a post on the DC forum.

I thought about this last week and here's my proposal:

1. Show MSN-style Pop-up in the tray area

2. Semi-Transparent Docking/floating windows or something like an auto-hide sidebar

So everytime the Moby applet senses a text change in clipboard. it grasps the first item, looks it up, and displays synonyms in the pop-up/window/sidebar.

What a witty idea, Cavalcader!  I didn't even think of it b4 and I'm now in love with this feature.
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Thank you sir! Sounds like you've added some great ideas as well. One thought about the clipboard capture, though: I've already got a program that monitors the clips (ArsClip 2.8.7) and they might clash. Also, as one that uses the clipboard a lot, I would strongly recommend making the monitoring optional. Still, since Mobysaurus Thesaurus will only be running here when it's in direct use (for the most part) it might be a handy option.


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