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Keep icons arranged in a folder

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This one might be impossible as well.

Suppose we have a folder with a number of icons for files and folders.

We want those arranged in a very particular way.  Not merely the usual sort, by name, extension, etc.  But the exact placement within that folder.  Some icons are up, some down, some to the side.

We want to be able to take a 'snapshot' of this specific arrangement.

Take snapshot.  Then rearrange to that snapshot at a later point in time.

So, two additional 'buttons' (perhaps?) on Explorer ToolBar:

1. Take arrangement snapshot
2. Restore arrangement

Or via right-click context menu.

What do you think?  Possible or not?

Additional details would have to be considered, of course.  Like, where will the 'arrangement details' be kept?  Within the folder, maybe in a hidden file? 

Will the implied coordinates be relative to the window, say from upper-left corner of the window being 0,0?

Too, what if additional icons/files are moved to that folder, will that not affect the previous arrangement possibility?


Windows does allow for the above in a temporary way.  If 'View; Auto arrange' and 'View; Align to grid' are both unchecked.  But the arrangement doesn't last.  Close window and reopen, icons are sorted.  Etc.

Thanks so much!

Nicholas Kormanik

Very interesting. Kind of desktop icons save/restore on steroids...

Let me deliver nkNameFlip for truly getting into this :Thmbsup:

Keep it up!

 :-* :P

:-* :P
-Contro (May 12, 2022, 03:12 AM)
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Thanks for "pinging" :) full disclosure: this project still requires me to check its actual technical implementation. Hint: should be possible  :up:


Let's remind ourselves of the objective:

1. Given limited desktop space...
2. Arrange a rather large 'project' atop the desktop...
3. In a matrix, of sorts; across, then down...
4. Arrangement of said project is critical...
5. Sequences, one step, then next step, then next...
6. Then, at some point, gather it all up, suitcase it...
7. Preferably into a single icon (folder)...
8. Expand as needed to exactly the configuration it had been in...
9. Contract/shrink down to single folder, then, again...
10. Back and forth, as needed.

Example of layout on desktop:
1.01  1.02  1.03  ... 1.25
2.01  2.02  2.03  2.04  ... 2.17
3.01  3.02  3.03 ... 3.09
4.01  4.02

Project#1 (one single folder)

There may be quite a number of various ways to layout and keep in some order a large project.  I would imagine that ALL project designers and managers MUST have some sort of system.

For not just one single project, but many, ongoing.

If some of you out there follow a system, please share your ideas.

My personal preference, at this particular point, is NOT what is written above, but would be to have available/accessible an unlimited number of initially-empty actual desktops.  With the ability to save the exact layouts of each and every one.  Icons, folders, links, etc.  And ability to backup and restore, to external media.


Nicholas Kormanik


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