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IDEA : Musicians Random File Selection

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Beth UK:
Hi Vic

Have been using this without any other software running so I am able to preview without sound sharing issues. I am wondering if it is at all possible to make it so that simply clicking on a file plays preview - this would make it much faster when building sets of sounds.

I am still not sure what "Seq" does  :-[

Loving the possibilities of this app!  :up:

Hi Beth! Glad to hear you're finding it useful.

"Seq" is for sequential. It is a button-styled checkbox. It enables saving to a numbered directory. If unchecked it prompts for a custom folder when saving the samples.

Feel free to brainstorm! Ideas end-up becoming features :)

Let's make RandomSampler be the best app it can be thanks to your input :Thmbsup:

Beth UK:
I am really keen on the idea of "set length" for samples selected - so, choose from samples >=250ms , choose samples between 250ms and  800ms.

Why? Well, using tags to select a file range (e.g., all files tagged "dry, soft, cymbal") will always be tricky because of how music file tagging is implemented. However, my ears know I want a selection of sounds that are sustained, or shorter (crisp and dry). It also allows selection of much longer files that might be up to 20 seconds long - or more!

Another option is to select files from a range of specified folder. This works if a person puts sound and sample types into specific folder. E.g., all deep drum sounds in one folder, all natural ambient sounds in another folder. I gave up this system a long time ago because the amount of time spent on curating was not creative! It was a burden.

A fancy way of selecting random files I did try out using XYPlorer and a script that allowed me to specify as follows:

- select 16 sounds randomly
- Choose these random files (using tags) from files tagged with "dry" or "harsh" or "metallic" or "metal". 4 files would then be randomly selected from the files that met this criteria. Summing to a total of 16.

That script however did not have preview which became problematic. XYplorer also did not play nicely with asio.

Beth UK:
Currently the app requires the user to select the folder from which samples will be selected. Would be useful if it used the directory in which it is located as the default folder - this saves a few clicks and makes the process faster!

Also, repeated clicks on "get samples" should generate a new selection, ignoring those files that have been "ticked" to keep

Hi Beth, new release:

Direct download:

GitHub tag:



- File/Save all. Checks all files & triggers a save.
- Current folder as initial directory.
- Pressing "Get samples" button clears samples list (i.e. regenerates afresh).
- Right-clicking on samples list launches a context menu with check/uncheck/toggle/delete functionality.

Enjoy!  :Thmbsup:


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