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Like a bad penny...

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Best of luck buddy!

Thanks for the kind wishes!

Tomorrow I'll find out if Mayo wants to take me as a patient. Because it's hard to sit around and not obsess over it, I've been researching what my next option would be if they can't help. As I expected, it looks like all the next options are in Chicago. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised to find even more good neurology departments there than I had expected.

Good luck! :)

That was anticlimactic. I called this morning and found out they're still waiting on a letter from my doctor. Due to their name recognition, they have to weed out the people who should be able to get good care closer to home. Since they don't have time to read through every pile of records that comes in (mine might take a weekend by themselves), they request a 1 page summary letter from the referring doctor, explaining why they're sending the patient to Mayo. This is separate from the referral, which is really mostly about meeting insurance requirements.

Now I have to wait for them to fax that letter to Mayo, after which the 2 week clock for evaluating the referral starts. Very frustrating.

Maintaining a positive attitude is a full time job some days.

So I jumped through hoops with Mayo for a month. The neurologists, for some reason, decided to kick the referral to Internal Medicine, where they, predictably, did exactly what every non-neurologist does when faced with neurological symptoms, and declined to see me as well.

I'm getting really tired of dealing with neurologists. Most of them seem to have the diagnostic skills of your average tech support phone monkey. They have a diagnostics flow chart, based on your symptoms, and don't know what to do when they get to the end without a diagnosis. God help you if you have symptoms that aren't even on their list, like I do.

The problem now is that I have to find a way to get through the screening process. I'm guessing it will be similar no matter where I go, which means they'll look at my symptoms, throw up their hands, and tell me to go somewhere else.


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