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Like a bad penny...

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Looks like it’s back on the merry go-round for me. Despite agreeing with me that multiple system atrophy is the only condition that explains all my symptoms, and also that it’s far more likely that I have one rare condition than two, my neurologist still refuses to officially diagnosed me with even possible or probable MSA.

Instead, I have to go back to the University of Iowa, where I can see a movement disorder specialist, you can then refer me back to Mayo. I actually suggested a couple of tests that I have uncovered that would help with the diagnosis, but he pointed out that they’re only available at Mayo.

Is it really too much to ask for a Doctor who understand science?

On a completely unrelated subject, Apple spellcheck apparently knows to capitalize Doctor Who. I’ve also noticed in recent years that Motorhead seems to be a pretty standard proper name for spellcheck libraries as well. I notice Apple doesn’t include the unnecessary umlaut, but I think Samsung does, or at least used to. Come to think of it, Apple used to have it to. I wonder if using the umlaut causes problems in some cases.


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