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License key


I have donated and received a license key.
This was inserted exactly with *r at the beginning.
Will not accept!!
My version of Flipbook Printer Suite is 2.16.1
Win10 Professional

Hi Werner.

Flipbook Printer actually underwent an unusual process.  I sold the commercial rights to it many years ago and struct an arrangement with the buyer that the free version would remain available, and in fact not even need a license key -- but that printouts would say "not for commercial use".

So the answer is that you don't need a license key to use the program and all of it's features indefinitely -- but that you can't use it for commercial use or remove that text.

As always, I'm happy to refund any donation if you like.  I apologize for any confusion/frustration.

ps. I don't believe they are still using the software any more, so you might try to track them down and enquire about the rights to use it commercially.

Yes, that's a pity and it needn't have been.
I think you can use the money well for other purposes.

All good.
Thank you.


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