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Prepend Numbers, Serially, To Desktop Items Selected

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New request, perhaps not even possible presently....

Suppose Windows desktop.

Highlight a set of desktop items/icons.  Say, horizontally.  Three items.  So, three across.

Given the three highlighted items, attach a number to each, serially, across, from left to right, padded with zeros (if requested by user), plus a space.


x, y, z --> 01 x, 02 y, 03 z

Is this possible by any means other than manually?

Why requesting?

Suppose user has created a series of steps laid out on the desktop.  A series of batch files, say, that requires executing in a very particular order.  Or text files outlining steps that must be executed in a particular order.

User does not want to continue taking up the desktop space with the ordered set across said desktop.  User would rather place all these into a folder, on desktop, or somewhere else.

If user simply places all these items into a folder, they will be rearranged by Windows, sorted, if you will.  Critical arrangement that was shown on desktop will be lost.

Given the prepended number, sorting by name easily arranges as wanted.

Comments greatly appreciated.

Nicholas Kormanik

p.s. -- This sort of issue points to a huge desktop problem.  I would really, really like to see a permanent sort of desktop(s) that is very much like a physical white board.  Arrange.  Save.  Leave.  Create another.  Arrange.  Save.  Leave.  Backup.  Etc., etc., etc.  On the desktop(s) would be the usual assortment of files, icons, folders, shortcuts, etc.

Presently I don't think this is possible.  Hugely needed!

HI Nick, I can create a serial file copier/mover to a folder if you need.

It can be done semi-automated if user adds files one at a time (i.e. right-click, send-to program / drag & drop). The program would use addition order as the index for naming: 1st file added == 01 x, 2nd file == 02 y, 3rd file == 03 z, and so on.

For the user to have certainty of actual naming order when batch-adding, it must be done manually after all files are received by the program. An interface with UP, DOWN, FIRST, LAST or "drag item to relocate" would be then employed to order listed files, prior to mass copying/moving with prepended numbers in the name.

Would something like this suffice?  :)


Vic!, you are the one with limited time, energy, money.  You'll have to decide if such an endeavor would be worthwhile.

I, for one, would find such a program quite useful.

Thanks so much for responding!

You'll have to decide if such an endeavor would be worthwhile.
-nkormanik (January 18, 2022, 07:40 PM)
--- End quote ---

Helping is always worthwhile amigo 🤗

New "nkPrepend" repo open @

I'm picking it up during my coding spree of releases to close the month :Thmbsup:

Big hug

Vic, some 'rename' programs might offer this same functionality.

Thus, not a huge priority, unless others here chime in showing support and encouragement.

But, as always, I greatly appreciate your positive can-do attitude.


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