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NANY 2022 Release - Source Code Watchdog


NANY 2022 Entry Information
Application Name Source Code Watchdog Version 1.0.0 Short Description Opens each source code file and looks for a defined string of text. If not found, show an alert for it.  Supported OSes WinXp and above Web Page

Well we are facing this problem of malware (many out in the wild) encrypting our source codes and data. Then demanding bitcoins to decrypt them, but never does so, no matter how much we pay.

Now as a programmer our bread and butter are source codes which we write solving myriads of problems of our customer and in return we earn to sustain our family.

The executable we generate or the programs we download can be re-generate or re-downloaded. But the source codes have to be re-written painfully.

Using various backup methods we can ensure the last backup may have working codes, but those too may be just mirage as one of our co-programmer found out. All his hdd, NAS drives etc. were encrypted. Even the backup was of the encrypted files !!

Now we do not know when the malware is going to harm us. Since we have so many source codes of different projects in different folders, it is tough to check all the codes if they are Okay.

The plus point is that all our source codes are in text files and an encrypted source code is more visible (i.e. we can ensure it is Okay or not) than an encrypted executable.

Opens each source code file and looks for a defined string of text. If not found, show an alert for it.
You can define as many string texts as you like. I put my name as header in each source code file, so they can be easily checked. Further you can define the file extensions to be checked like bas, cpp, prg etc.
A alert window will show if any file do not contain the searched text. Two log files are created 'Found.log' and 'NotFound.log' with entries of full file names.

See website

Extract the zip file

Hey this is pretty cool.  Thanks for sharing. 

Version 1.0.1 (15 Jan 2022)
- Now the searching stops after 50 or more files found without searched text.
   You can go through the files and decide the text to add to them or add new
   search text as per those files.

Version 1.1.0 (18 Jan 2022)
- Now you can specify folder name to exclude from search.
   To exclude a folder write only folder name between back-slash ( \ ) and prefixed with dash ( - ),


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