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N.A.N.Y. 2022 pledge: pdGet downloader v1.0

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In what language is pdGet written? I hope it is not JavaScript.
-smaragdus (December 26, 2021, 03:34 PM)
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Hi, it's C# but it's so messy right now I won't push the code because it's pretty unmaintanable. I'm simply focusing on KeyLoop to secure NANY 2022's entry prior to uploading cleaner pdGet's code in January.

The program is a fusion of code from several nkormanik's programs (URLister, URLdrop) + "dirty" youtube (non-API) + torrent + multi-threaded download libraries, all into a big single queue/list.

It'll get to a "maintainable" state for sure; I just have some other projects closer to completion to finish the year (i.e. BGGfetch, pdInput...) to deliver before this one. With just a few days left for 2021 to go, I'm prioritizing & leaning to the releases' side! :)

It is April now and there are still no news about the release of pdGet.

It is April now and there are still no news about the release of pdGet.
-smaragdus (April 13, 2022, 04:26 PM)
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Hi! Thanks for the "ping" :) There's only an incomplete ALPHA on my computer working as a GUI for youtube-dl.

Right now the PD project is a side project. I'm pledging a first release with only youtube-dl support to get things running (it has support for plenty of sites in the library).

Once we "fix" the funding part, I'm willing to devote full-time work hours to helping the fellows with my skills :Thmbsup:

We're getting there thanks to each new Patron coming on board! ...Our PD project for the win! :Thmbsup:

Follow-up thread: [💻] pdGet downloader.


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