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Nuclear missile silo keyboard repurposed for usb

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Gothic (John), a programmer and electronics savant, who used to handle server administrator for DonationCoder, had a project featured on today.  Very cool stuff.

He found a weird old keyboard (with trackball) on ebay and it turned out to come from a nuclear missile silo.  After some work with an Arudino board he got it talking to USB interface.  Very cool.

Nuclear missile silo keyboard repurposed for usb

w00t w00t :)

Make sure you check out John's video:

Highly watchable.

When I saw John in real life over thanksgiving, I thought I would flex my youtube creator knowledge, and warned him about getting a copyright strike on the music playing in the background.
To which John replied that he had created the music himself, specifically for the video.
To which I thought, yes, of course you did, John.  Of course you did.

Yep :) I made it using the sunvox tracker - which is a great little piece of software. ( )
Here's the original file, so you can make your own version of the song and/or mess with it:

There's not a single recorded sample in there, it's all generated with synth modules on the fly - which sunvox is great at.

( can this count as my NANY? :D )

Highly watchable
-mouser (December 01, 2021, 02:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

Interesting stuff.  I am curious about one thing though.  Has anyone scanned this keyboard with a Geiger counter?   8)


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