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WinPatrol appears dead

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There's still Chameleon Startup Manager, which has been mentioned several times in rather old DC threads.

That's the thing about it- WinPatrol combined a few products into one. Still running it, though I am going to take a look at the suggestions in this thread.

I forgot startup delay was one of the WinPatrol features.  It likely prompted me years ago to write DelayedCuts.

You have to manually add shortcuts using DelayedCuts.exe.  When you save the list it creates a shortcut to DelayedLoad.exe in the user's Startup folder.  It can be useful if some programs are dependent on others being already running etc..  By default it scrolls up a window by the tray showing which program is currently loading.  You can click the close 'x' on this window to skip that program.

The reason DelayedCuts insists you drag shortcuts on to add to the list is this guarantees the opportunity to specify the behavior of the program to be launched since you can specify most startup behavior in the shortcut options.

It is free to use at your own risk.  I use it every day on a Windows 10 Laptop so hopefully that indicates it is not obsolete on the newer Windows versions (yet.)   8)

Note that sometimes I find public library WiFi blocks my page.  I am not sure why.  But you should have no trouble downloading via your own ISP or similar network.


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