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Wordle: simple web word game

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Been enjoying this:

There is only one new word each day, so you can't keep playing it.  Simple fun little brain puzzle word game you play in your web browser:

Nice find Mouser, you are a hero got the word in five goes make you think a little. won't say what the word was it would spoil it for others

I had way too much fun with this, even though I failed. 10/10 will try again. A shame they only give 1 word a day, I think 2-3 would have been better and still kept the whole thing fun.

I got to the 5th try and decided to cheat and used my program called Ballistic to give me a list of words that would fit the spot....
hee hee

There is an advanced mode in options that requires each guess be consistent with the previous clues.. i think it makes it more interesting and challenging.


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