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Wordle: simple web word game

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My strategy (by the end) was to guess words I knew were wrong, but used letters I hadn't yet tried. Then I used the clues given to piece together the solution.

I definitely would have failed if I had to use the given clues in subsequent guesses. And in my opinion, only being able to make 6 guesses and play once every 24 hours, I think that's too difficult of a restriction while keeping things fun. It would just make me feel frustrated.

But I am curious. Is it the same word for everyone every day? Those who have played it today, check the spoiler below to see how I did, and tell me if you got the same word:

SPOILER: Today's Solution

yep, same word for everyone. i take it that and the fact there is only one per day is part of the charm.
it's a neat little unintuitive lesson for game developers.  here's a simple way to have a kind of shared experience among all players.

Nice find Mouser, you are a hero got the word in five goes make you think a little. won't say what the word was it would spoil it for others
-nogojoe (November 18, 2021, 02:03 AM)
--- End quote ---
Heron was the word

I've been having a blast playing this every day and talking with a friend about strategies for purposefully trying to lose in hard mode.
"Hard Mode" may make it harder to think of words to guess, but it seems to us that it *mostly* makes it hard to lose since being restricted to previous clue consistency quickly narrows down word possibilities.  But it is still possible to lose with some creative use of double letters, etc.  One thing to consider when trying to lose is that hard mode says it restricts guesses to be consistent with clues, but it will actually let in some guesses that are inconsistent -- for example when you use a letter twice and you get the location right and then for the second use you get a "not in the word", you shouldnt be able to guess a word with that letter doubled up any more, but the game won't stop you from doing that repeatedly.

It told me I was a genius today. Heheh.


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