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Gridmove - feature request

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 ;D ;D ;D Love our screen mockup, tinjaw!  :Thmbsup:

Yeah, i met bret on the irc channel, and we talked about this, and i got to the conclusion that he's looking for something i thought GridMove could become. (just check the huge GridMove thread, and you'll find a few references to something similar to this).

I love the idea, and would definitelly like to have something like this for myself, as i usually use my own 2 monitors like that.

I have bad news, though. Truth is latelly things have been chaotic at school, and i haven't been having much (or should i say any?) time for making coding snacks. Thus, i prefer not to commit to this project, as i'm almost sure i'd let you guys down.

Thus, in 2-3months, when i'm on vacations, let's see if we can talk about this again :)

In the meanwhile, if anybody feels like they're up for this task, i'd definitelly have some DCredits in store for that person :)


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