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Opera Start Page Question

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Okay, so how well does Pale Moon deal with the asshat sites that "require" Chrome? Pale Moon Site says it's Goanna based - never heard of it - so what's it Goanna do when it encounters the Chromium canvas control and friends?
-Stoic Joker (November 04, 2021, 06:52 AM)
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Goanna is a fork of Mozilla's Gecko. It's not perfect, but no solution ever is. If you come across a site that doesn't work with it, report it to the developer. You'll find that Pale Moon supports much more than the last Gecko based version of Firefox does.

However, should you end up needing a working user agent switcher add-on, for sites that engage in browser bigotry for no good functional reason, contact me privately. I have an old Firefox one that has been edited to work with Pale Moon, that I can't share publicly. ;)


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