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How to change the format of the date "Custom Date Format": 10.30.2021>2021.10.30


(I apologize if this question has already been asked. But, unfortunately, I don't know English.)

Windows 10 * 64 Russian.
Date format RUSSIAN:

The problem with changing the format of the date of the screenshot.
Default New Fail Name: %date%, %time%
Now the date of the screenshot is: 30.10.2021

I want to make a date format like this: 2021.10.30
Tried changing "Custom Date Format":

But the date when the screenshot was taken does not change!  :tellme:
What should be done?


The confusing trick is that it's a two-part process to use a custom date:

* First you configure your custom date field as you have
* And then you use %customdate% in your file name template
So at the top of the File Naming tab, instead of the default of "Screenshot - %datetime%" use something like "Screenshot - %customdate%"

Does that help?

 :Thmbsup: Fine! I did it.
Many thanks.


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