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Switched to Windows 10 and now it's endless scroll game

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I've been using LBC for a long time now and I'm so happy with it. A few days ago I had a catastrophical Windows 8.1 failure and I had no option but to update to Windows 10. Now all my LBC menus are too big, consuming lots of space, instead of the nice compact view I had before.

It's possible that I'm not remembering my LBC configuration very well, but for the life of me, I can't find a combination of options that allows me to get the previous behaviour.

I basically have folder nodes in my toolbar, all of them in a single "menu" dock. This dock is configured to have large icons for the nodes but small icons for the menu items. The menus seem to have pretty large icons, though. And now I have to scroll endlessly to get to what I want, as opposed to when I used LBC on Windows 8.1 where almost every menu fit on the screen.

Is this something about Windows, or do I need to change some settings in LBC?

It's possible that the display settings on your windows system are set to be > 100% dpi.
You could try changing that if ALL of your app windows/text seem too big.

But you could also try these options in the MAIN root options tab of LBC:

Try unchecking that Automatically scale box.
And then restart LBC.

Hi mouser! Thanks for your prompt reply.

These options seem to have no effect. Or, more accurately, they do have a dramatic effect on the toolbar itself (setting the "small icons" size to 8 makes it really, really thin) but not on the menus, which keep showing large icons and lots of space even though I have the menu icons set to small.

I wanted to attach a screenshot so that you can see what I mean, but as soon as I press a key to capture the screen, the menu closes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just visualize a tiny toolbar with huge elements in the menus.


When setting up the dock, I selected "Small icons" for the "Menu icons" option, and I thought that was it. I totally forgot that folder nodes also have a "Large icons" checkbox which (I believe) comes checked by default. Unchecking it solved the issue.

(Shouldn't this be an option in "Node overrides" btw? If I'm setting up a dock with small icons for the menus, having the folder nodes with large icons by default seems counterintuitive. Or maybe not.)

Everything is working perfectly again, LBC FTW!


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