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May be a bug?

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In the meantime, I found another application with MDI inside just 1 form, and MDI
if MDI is active grab active window does not work. 1 color.
GRABBING THE WHOLE application is OK

Is that application written in Delphi, by any chance? Especially when using older Delphi versions, applications can behave quite strangely on window 'visibility' to other applications.

@limelect, i was going to download a prog or two from your site but couldn't find the right links?

One more problem.
I was working hours with the little toolbar capturing
screens. After 8 or more hours I got out of resources. (or something similar)
The program closed.
Restart the program BUT COULD NOT see the toolbar.
I suspected it is still there. So deleted it with the task manager
and started all over again.
I know I am in the business for over 30 years
Programmer life is difficult

!. It is Delphi
2. see the above comment about my site
3. I will notify you when the site will return to be OK.
4. I can put EXE here with MDI that has almost nothing to do with the Delphi version. form and MDI.


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