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May be a bug?

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May be a bug?
I have this application I wrote many years ago.
I pressed on it and tried to catch ACTIVE WINDOW
I get this error: Error No content was found the captured image
 was all solid color.
P.S I cannot catch your error as the picture.
However, I could grab with selected region.
My ver is V4.36.2

That's pretty strange.. that error should only be given when the entire contents of the active window are the same color..
You can disable the option to check for that -- it might be interesting to see what the resulting capture would look like:

No, it did not help since it only disable the error !!!!
It caught BLANK screen !!! EMPTY !!!
I just found that another application does the same
For testing download
P.S very useful

I'll try it -- do you have a download link, I couldn't find it?

You are correct i changed a provider
Somehow all shortcuts are gone give me a few days
I will get in touch with you


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