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Obtain a scrolling screenshot in any window


Not in any window browser. There are addons for this in firefox by example : Fireshot

I refer to obtain a complete screenshot scrolling a window of any program.

Can I try this with screenshot captor ?

Control+shift+PtrScr ?

Best Regards

I have tried with screenshot captor, but it seems is not able to scroll in the target window program.
So I will do manually.
 :-* :P

Screenshot captor does it's ultimate best to try and scroll a target window with any means it has available, but still it doesn't succeed in all situations. Then indeed the Manual method is the solution. It just depends on the way that application is built.

Screenshot Captor "manual" mode was designed to handle strange cases, and will try to stitch together multiple images.

Thanks both. It's my fault. The program I tried to make the scrolling screenshot is finally a paid one.
A a free version is excellent.
 :-* :P


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