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Ignore List Part Deux


Hey Mouser,

I'm running CH&S v2.54.1 - Apr 2, 2020 (according to the help file.  Or v2.54.0 on the Help About screen)

Last year about this time, I reported a CTD in Affinity Designer while CHS was running, but not when it wasn't.  Adding the Affinity Designer exe to the ignore list wasn't working.  I got the CTD if CHS was monitoring the clipboard even though told to ignore Affinity.

So now I'm working in Excel.  It throws the error “The Picture Is Too Large and Will Be Truncated” whenever I try to copy a block of cells past a certain size.  If I turn off clipboard monitoring in CHS, the error stops in Excel.  Turn on monitoring in CHS and Excel throws the error again.  So I added excel.exe to the ignore list.  Nope.  Still throws the error (both programs restarted after adding Excel to the ignore list).

I don't know where we are with this, or where it ended after the previous round of discussions on this.  You asked me to send you an email, which I did, but idk what happened after that.

Could we please re-open this matter and get the ignore list working? 

Oh, and in doing some self-troubleshooting, I found this that you might be interested in (although you probably already know):

Hello?  Mouser?  You there?

Im here, just distracted lately.
Ok so you are using my new beta version that tries to get different data formats.  That page suggests a fix "How to fix:
Skip the GetData call if the requested format is CF_METAFILEPICT.".. so i think i should be able to add that fix, at the very least as a simple option.  let me see if i can't get a version with that out in the next few days.


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