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DBISAM Engine Error # 9732

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So I am having a similar problem.  I realize this is an old thread, but since it was useful to me, I thought it best to reply here.

I am using the portable version.  I was unable to navigate to the program option to try and fix the database, so I followed the instructions in this thread. I made a copy of the database and the backup folder, and then deleted the folder contents. I restarted ClipboardHelpAndSpell and did not receive any error. Then, I selected a backup to restore from, and then clicked apply. I was expecting the restore to take longer.  I think the backup might have been from after I initially had the issue because it is only 1,060kb.  When I copied the contents of the database folder it was much larger.

In anycase, it did not bring back anything.  So I closed the program and then I copied the contents of the database folder back.  When I did, I got the same errors.  Any other ideas?  Any way to use the database files to rebuild?

  DBISAM Engine Error # 9732DBISAM Engine Error # 9732

Hello everyone, I've used this software for a while now I love it so much. But at this time I am having same error from last post and this errors too (see images below). Please help  :(

DBISAM Engine Error # 9732


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