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WildGem 2.10 Christmas 2022 release (updated from 2021's v1.5)

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Download and home page here:

Please see my latest post in this thread for v2.10 info!


Wildgem version 1.50 is a big update since the last version (1.32). For more information, see the previous thread on the topic here.

Wildgem is a free (beer), portable, and ultra sugary wrapper for Regex. It takes all the juicy bits from Regex, but makes writing expressions much simpler by providing unique and memorable symbols to replace the sometimes arcane and easily forgotten syntax from pure Regex. The program is great for people who don't want to get into Regex, but who find the usual find/replace feature in many text editors or programming languages too limiting. Nevertheless, Regex experts will still appreciate the colour coding, lightning speed, large input/output areas, realtime updating as you type, and the ability to still write pure regex.

It has been featured over at Ghacks, Trishtech and also on Donation Coder's very own Coding Snacks section.

Simple usage:

WildGem 2.10 Christmas 2022 release (updated from 2021's v1.5)

Advanced usage:

WildGem 2.10 Christmas 2022 release (updated from 2021's v1.5)

In this v1.50 update are some big new features:

 - First a MAJOR bug fix which prevented many people from using it. I falsely assumed that everyone had the Arial Unicode MS font when in reality, this font is only distributed with Excel 2013 (and earlier?). As a result, the special Wildgem symbols wouldn't appear. In v1.50, alternative fonts are used as a fall back.

 - Second new feature is the new "Optional" symbol which emulates the useful '?' from Regex. This was a much needed addition to Wildgem and now more or less completes the basic Regex feature set.

 - Third new feature is the Load and Save project functions so you can easily continue from your earlier expressions that you built and edit them.

 - Finally, the best new feature is the "Multiple line functions" which allows you to express multiple regex/Wildgem commands in one sweep. This is much nicer than trying to cram a bunch of Regex into a single line/command.

As always, .NET 4.0 framework is needed. This should come with Windows 10 by default however and is otherwise a simple download for earlier versions of Windows.

Stoic Joker:
Regex being extremely handy, but one of those things I've just never managed to get my head around; this thing has saved my ass more times than I can count.

Thank you for the update!

Bookmark it for later install. Thank you.

Stoic Joker:
Looks like v1.61 is now available - Damn! ...I love this thing - Just saved my ass again!

Haha, I've found it a lifesaver on occasion too! The "Multiple line functions" option to operate on text multiple times simultaneously is super handy.

I doubt I'll be updating it much anymore however. All known bugs have bitten the dust and there's not a great deal of ideas left to add (other than batch text files I guess).


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