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Trying to remember an old flash game?


Does anyone remember a game we discussed on this forum MANY years ago.. I think it was Flash-based, set in a train, very atmospheric and mysterious.. i think as a player you were supposed to be dead, traveling to the afterlife or something..  I think it was kind of like an adventure game.. or maybe it was just a mini flash animated movie?

Were you maybe thinking of Train of Afterlife? It came out back in 2010 or thereabouts. I don’t know if it was Flash based for sure however. But it was a pretty eerie experience playing it. It’s available on Steam last looked.

For better treatment of the self-discovery meme I think the game (more like an interactive animation with some puzzle and platforming game elements rather than a true game) Gris did it better. Available from Good Old Games ( Beautiful experience. Almost like a meditation. Top notch artwork throughout.

Train of afterlife sounds like it but i don't think it was the one i remember. Gris looks nice.

It’s rather beautiful. That’s pretty much the type of game I like to play on computers. More journey like than skill challenging. I enjoy strolling around in virtual worlds. My secret vice.  ;D


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