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i-DeClone v1.0 released [zabkat]


there's no shortage of duplicate file programs, even xplorer2 has a duplicate cleanup module, but now there's another one :)

download i-DeClone trial:
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i-DeClone v1.0 released [zabkat]

i-DeClone can find exact duplicates, but also similar files in many categories. It uses some AI algorithms for these hardest to discover duplicates, things like:

* The same song stored with different bitrate in several locations
* The same song available as MP3 and also FLAC
* The same movie stored with different quality in several external hard disks
* A photo that you shot 10 times in quick succession and clogs up your phone (similar pics)
* Text documents that are slight revisions of each other
* The same document in DOC and PDF format

some scans take longer than others but in basic trim it should be quite fast.

It has been tested already, but the bug bounty is still on: if you discover any bug you get a free license

thanks for any feedback


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