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ThumbNails No Longer Show Screenshot, Just Generic Flower Icon

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Changed to JPG and got a thumbnail on the next capture. Changed back to PNG but no thumbnail on the next capture.

Edit: This solution only worked a few days. Maybe only to the next reboot.

I fixed the problem by following the instructions linked in another thread.

You could try the "nuclear option" and rebuild the thumbnail cache, that might clear out something - instructions here.
-x16wda (April 10, 2021, 03:26 PM)
--- End quote ---

My auto-move improved things but I still have a few turn up, I will try the "nuclear option" mentioned earlier.

The "nuclear option" instructions aren't complete and I had to kill off Screenshot Captor plus some other apps and even use a move utility to delete the files, but after all that it hasn't helped.  I'm guessing it might work for other situations.  The "handle.exe" program (NirSoft?) came in handy or Process Explorer/Hacker would also allow you to determine which processes have the files open.

At least in my case Explorer DOESN'T have the issue and displays all thumbnails, it is ONLY ScreenShotCaptor with the issue.

After reboot today the problem is back...  :(

Sorry for misleading you.


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