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ThumbNails No Longer Show Screenshot, Just Generic Flower Icon

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I see what you mean.

I have it installed portable and the "ini" files are in its root directory.

I also haven't changed the app and it is probably a Windows Update which triggered this, but Explorer works, I have no thumbnail issues there, just because something else triggers a bug doesn't mean that the-something-else is where the bug is.

I am on WIN 10 (latest updates)
-dbareis (October 18, 2021, 06:41 PM)
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It happens exactly the same. Maybe some way that Screencaptor has to process the thumbnails has become obsolete and now it no longer works well. I suppose they will have to take the reins and update the program to make it functional again. Meanwhile it is ungrateful to use it.

If this helps, for me it was between 2nd October and 4th October that the change has occured (or at least those are the dates on the files, the change may have happened earlier).

Looking at my Windows Update history, the only updates I had (on Win7) around those dates were "Security Intelligence Update for Microsoft Security Essentials".

Earlier and later in the month I also had "Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64" updates.

Apart from the Dopus update I had, the only other software change I recall was updating the Google Drive sync tool (whatever it's called).

Jesper Hertel:
I have the same problem. The thumbnails only refresh if I open the screenshot folder in Windows Explorer. Then they immediately update in Windows Explorer, and then the updated thumbnails are there again in Screenshot Captor after pressing F5 in Screenshot Captor to refresh. But Screenshot Captor cannot "itself" any longer make thumbnails when taking new screenshots.

That's a pretty big problem, as the thumbnails are quite important for navigation.

I'm using Windows 10 Home (10.0.19043, i.e. 21H1).

Did anyone find a permanent solution that doesn't involve resetting all settings, including settings that have nothing to do with this?

I did install Google Drive recently – could that be the culprit? I don't remember if the problem started at that point, but it could be, since I just remember installing Google Drive during the last 4-6 months and also that the problem with Screenshot Captor appeared within the same time frame. It could also be unrelated.


I am currently using jpg instead of png. With the jpg if the thumbnails go


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